Youth development programs support at-risk youth in grades k-12 through the following programs:

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Victory Child Care Fund (Kenya)

Supports children in the Kwanza district in Kenya that are suffering from HIV/AIDS by covering tuition, supplies, books, food, and clothing for one year.


Fit With Faith (Kenya)

After school program that provides fitness, nutritional education, and group bible study (Launching in Kenya in January 2021)

Bridges (US)

At-risk youth ages 16-20 can join the team on certain mission trips to help manage overseas program activities, connect with other at-risk youth, develop friendships and become exposed to new opportunities that can shape the trajectory of their future.



Women's empowerment programs are for young women ages 18-26 who are interested in domestic or international missions, philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, or simply developing a lifestyle that is conducive for success within those endeavors. The program is delivered through the following initiatives:

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Posture (US Based)

This 6-month program teaches young women about starting philanthropic organizations. Participants will take a mission trip at the end of the program and have an opportunity to serve a 6-month internship with Global Grace.


Lifestyle Development

Young women learn about fitness, developing a proper nutritional diet, spiritual fitness, the basic disciplines of studying the word of God, and the prayer and application of the wisdom of God to everyday life. This program can be taken in conjunction with Posture.


Business Women (Kenya)

A micro loans servicing program where the organization issues loans to women for starting businesses. 

Economic Development

Our economic development programs are designed to help people and families that are debilitated by extreme poverty develop multiple streams of income to reduce the impact of or completely eradicate the state of poverty in those families and thus, their communities.


Prosper Kenya Initiative: STREAMS


Prosper Kenya is a farming initiative where farmers grow a staple food, such as beans, to create new streams of income. Part of their proceeds are utilized to support the issuance of microloans to their community members, which will allow this group of Kenyans to become lenders and no longer borrowers.

Employment Opportunities

Global Grace has been able to help 21 Kenyans obtain gainful employment through one of our partners. Our goal is to double this number by mid 2021.

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